About PEMF Wellness Technology

In the beginning, PEMF Wellness Technology’s director of sales, Dr. Anthony Pacelli, began as a skeptical chiropractic practitioner who was looking for new and innovative ways to optimize wellness and fitness and relieve chronic pain conditions for his patients.

One of those innovative ideas included use of a Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Machine, or simply known as the PEMF Machine.

In order to justify his investment in time and money, Dr. Pacelli needed the PEMF machine to pass three simple criteria:

  1. Provide his patients measurable improvements in their overall health, reduction of chronic pain, and elimination of their dependence on prescription medications.
  2. Provide it at an affordable cost for his patients
  3. Realize an immediate positive cash flow on his investment (while financing the machine at a reasonable rate of interest)

Dr. Pacelli looked at several PEMF machines available in today’s market, but it was the PEMF 8000 intrigued him the most.  Why?  It just happened to be the only machine he could find that offered an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

Other than the investment in time and return shipping costs, Dr. Pacelli realized that he a lot to gain and absolutely nothing to lose if he invested in the PEMF 8000.

THE FINAL GRADE: The PEMF 8000 passed all three criteria with better than expected results!

In fact, the feedback provided by his patients was so positive that Dr. Pacelli decided it’s time to help get the word out on to other healthcare professionals.

To this day, there still isn’t that many people (professional caregivers or customers) who have even heard about PEMF.  PEMF therapy caught the attention of Dr. Oz and has been featured on more than one occasion on his show. Dr. Pacelli has even written an article about PEMF’s History and Benefits to help bring awareness to the medical professional community.

For more information, please watch Dr. Pacelli in the videos below.  He will explain the basics of how the machine works and how PEMF has helped his patients who have suffered from ongoing pain or a chronic disease.