Three Year Factory Warranty

All PEMF 8000 devices come with a three year warranty, by the manufacturer.  They are guaranteed to operate properly for a period of three (3) years from the date of the original purchase invoice.

Warranty Summary

  • 3 Years Parts and Labor Machine Warranty*
  • Lifetime Labor Warranty**
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Accessories Warranty (loops and mattress)

* customer pays for shipping both ways
** customer pays for parts and shipping both ways

PEMF Machine Warranty

For the first 6 months of ownership, if a brand new PEMF 8000 device requires more than 6 business days in the factory, for any kind of warranty repair, we will send you a loaner at no charge, until your device is shipped back to you. This only applies to devices purchased in US territory.

Accessories are warranted for 1 year against manufacturing defect.

In the event of a malfunction during the Warranty period, the manufacturer will repair this product to its original operating condition or replace the unit. All freight and insurance to and from manufacturer is not included.

A Return Authorization Number [RMA] must be obtained from the manufacturer before any products can be returned for service. The PEMF8000 device and/or any accessories must be delivered postage paid with the then current owner’s name and address, proof of purchase and description of difficulties encountered.

The PEMF 8000 device and/or accessories are to be shipped to the address designated by the respective PEMF 8000 manufacturer in the return authorization. Such service, repair or adjustment of the equipment is assured the original purchaser, or new owners, with properly documented transfers of ownership only, provided the equipment has not been: tampered with, the case opened, modified or damaged as a result of misuse, accident, water, grit, impact, physically broken parts or lack of proper care. Your warranty does not cover the following:

  • Damage due to dropping, water or excessive moisture
  • Over labeling any existing brand label with a new brand, or removing any brand labels which were originally adhered to the device
  • Device part which is damaged as a result of delivery loops being overly stressed
  • Any damage to delivery loops
  • Removal or obscuring of the label bearing the device’s serial number

Lifetime Factory Repair

Simply stated “Lifetime” means that PEMF 8000 Factory will honor a limited warranty for the lifetime of the device.

After the 3 year warranty is terminated:

  • Customer pays for part or parts that need replaced
  • Manufacturers pays for labor to repair
  • The PEMF owner will pay shipping charges both ways

Example: The most costly part and labor for the device could be a faulty “Spark Box” $650. There is not any other part that could cost more. The other parts range from $20.00 to $200.00, meaning the highest cost could be only for a spark box.

Warranty Repair Protocol

To returne an improperly operating or damaged device for repair, please do the following:

  1. Please send detailed description of the damage by email, to: Call 844-PEMF-8000 and we will discuss options to help speed up the situation.
  2. Once all the above information has been submitted, a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA) will be provided by the manufacturer. Please retain this number for your records. Do not return the device without first obtaining a RMA.
  3. Return the device in its original box, if available. If not, place in a secure box and surround unit with a generous supply of protective cushioning (NO FOAM PEANUTS). Write the RMA number on the box.
  4. For all repairs, send to:
    Manufacturer: Apollo Machinery
    Contact: Curtis Ainsworth
    Address: 1530 Red Clover Lane
    City | State: Hemet CA 92545-8765
    Phone: 909-539-3701

PLEASE NOTE: Freight and insurance to and from the manufacturer is not covered under the warranty terms.

If the warranty has expired, the customer is responsible for the cost of repair. The repair fee is $150.00 per hour with a minimum one hour charge. An estimate of repair fees will be provided prior to any repair work being performed.

You will not be able to submit this form without a credit card. If your device’s repairs are completed under Factory Warranty terms and you have provided a return shipper account number, your credit card with NOT be used.

When you ship your device or accessory for repair, please secure a tracking number