PEMF Machine Comparison

Although the PEMF 8000 isn’t the lowest cost PEMF machine on the market, it is considered by many doctors and therapists to be the best value for medical and wellness professionals across the USA.  The comparison between brands is highlighted in the chart pictured to the right.

Select the chart pictured to the right to open the larger view.  Upon review, you’ll find that the PEMF 8000 is the most powerful and effective PEMF machine that money can buy.

It’s simple!  There are only two big differences between any PEMF machine on the market. The lower powered machines are less expensive, but not nearly as effective.

In order to rate the effectiveness of the machine, you need to know:

  1. Power – Electricity Produced From Each Pulse

    There are two types of PEMF device: High Power and Low Power. Each gets
    results but performs best in different situations. You can tell the difference between
    machines by how many ‘Tesla per pulse’ it has – more Tesla equals more power!High Power devices like the PEMF8000 range up in the milliTesla (mT) per
    pulse. They make a loud ‘pop’ sound during treatment because of an internal ‘spark’
    process used to generate the magnetic field. You can feel immediate pain relieving results with them within minutes (or, in the case of the PEMF 8000, seconds) of treatment. High Power PEMF is also known for improving mood, killing bacteria and strengthening the immune system.Low Power devices range from the milliTesla down into microTesla – just to give you some perspective, a microTesla is 1000 times smaller than a milliTesla. Their pulses are generated and controlled electronically. While people do report positive results they tend to be for mood enhancement, insomnia relief and anti depression rather than for pain management. In cases of pain, low-powered units can get results over the long term. They may be effective treating animals for whom the High Powered units are too strong.
  2. Pulse Speed – How Fast Each Pulse Enters The BodyThis is important because the faster the pulse enters the body, the more energy the cell will actually receive. That’s because the cell can only take in electricity that moves fast enough to penetrate its cell wall! So, the faster the pulse, the more benefit you receive.High Power devices pulse faster than Lower Power ones. The PEMF 8000 pulses much faster than other High Power units.You can tell by the treatment time it takes before you feel results! That’s why, we calculated the treatment time required before its users experienced tangible results. We calculated the timing based on the testimonials posted by users on each machine’s company website and by the testimony of our own users treating chronic pain with the PEMF 8000. All you need to remember is this – the faster the pulse enters the cells, the shorter the amount of time you need to treat before you feel powerful results!