PEMF Therapy for Elbow Pain

There are several common types of conditions that can cause severe elbow pain.  Although the injury can occur in non-sports related incidents, the two major types of elbow injury are derived from two sports, tennis and golf.

While many people are familiar with the names of these conditions, there is less widespread understanding about how they differ. Both lateral epicondylitis (tennis), and medial epicondylitis (golf), are injuries to the tendons attaching your forearm muscles to the bone. The “epicondyle” part of epicondylitis refers to the bony bumps or protrusions.

Lateral epicondylitis affects the tendons attached to the outer (lateral) side of your elbow, which are connected in turn to the muscles that extend your wrist backward and straighten your fingers. Medial epicondylitis affects tendons connected to the inner (medial) side of your elbow, which are attached to the muscles that flex your wrist and contract your fingers when you grip something.

Both injuries are usually the result of repetitive strain on the tendons, and although you don’t have to be a golfer or tennis player to experience them, the repeated forceful motions involved in both sports make them very common.

The anatomical structures involved in tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are very similar and the symptoms are also similar, but they appear on opposite sides of the elbow and arm.

Please review this article, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields – How They Heal, and decide for yourself as to whether or not PEMF is worth further investigation to relieve elbow pain.   PEMF Wellness Technology offers a 30 Day Risk Free Trial with it’s machines.