PEMF Pain Relief In Minutes Without Drugs

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Magnetic therapy is still known as an alternative form of medicine and has been effective for inflammation, chronic pain (particular the knees, ankles, lower back, and elbows) without drugs. This therapy involves using a specific type of magnet placed over the skin directly where it improves blood circulation and releases endorphins. According to their electromagnetic characteristics, the therapy can definitely realign the natural electromagnetic field of the body.

When magnets attract the metals naturally, our blood has iron content which is affected by its pulling effect which improves healing process in the body.

How Does It Work?

In magnetic therapy, the most popular type of magnet used is neodymium. It is a very powerful magnet with strong magnetic field. It weighs a lot less than several common industrial magnets. It combines strong and lightweight magnetic pull effects and gives the strong magnetic pull to small items like wraps, straps and jewelry that cross around the skin barrier on the injured place. The magnet in Electromagnetic Therapy For Pain has metal alloys like nickel, cobalt and iron which attract iron content in blood when it is placed over the skin and improves blood circulation in that area. The affected area starts getting required nutrients, oxygen and endorphins that couldn’t flow because of cellular level imbalances and inflammation.


There are several inconclusive scientific studies floating along about healing effects of this therapy. When it comes to validating supporting effects with this treatment, several medical communities are skeptical. Several experiments have been performed about this treatment and found immediate and effective results.

Magnetic therapy has a long-back study which dates back 2000 B.C. and was utilized in Chinese medicine.

Doctors used magnets with acupuncture and reflexology practices. Some Greek civilizations used magnetic mineral “Lodestone”. It has become the alternative type of medicine and several studies were taken place about this traditional medicine.


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