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Disclaimer: PEMF was just one of the many therapies used to treat the patient. 

In 2017 an individual came into the complex for a consultation of multiple conditions. This individual became a patient and stated in her own words, “I’ve been morbidly obese for over 10 years…but my health became worse in 2015 when I was unexpectedly diagnosed with diabetes. I didn’t take it seriously until I began to see the many negative effects of the disease. In addition to those problems…my overall health took a nosedive in the fall of 2016 when I developed a severe case of psoriasis. My hands and feet were horribly affected…having open cracks and sores and a thick build-up that often prevented me from gripping things, walking without pain, washing my hair, and being able to independently take care of myself. My color was gray…my energy was nil…and I was deteriorating rapidly. The medical professionals were not having success treating me…thus I sought help from Dr. Pacelli.”

As you have been reading in her own words how her state of health was in a degenerative process and she was frustrated about her future. In accepting her case there were three parts that assisted her to begin the process of regeneration by her total body. There was Chiropractic care, PEMF Therapy, and Nutritional Therapy. Now, listen to her again in the words that she expressed to the complex staff and me.

Patient’s Testimonial

“It’s been the best decision I could have made! In the 4 months, I’ve been seeing Dr. Pacelli I’ve seen huge improvements in my health. The psoriasis is diminishing…my energy has greatly improved…my color is wonderful…my weight is decreasing…my blood sugars are totally normal…and I’ve shown my medical doctors that I don’t need the Statin drug they were trying to force on me…because my LDL and cholesterol levels are now totally normal. I feel like a new person! I’m learning how to live a healthy lifestyle through videos played in the office…through the many conversations and directions given by Dr. Pacelli on a weekly basis…and through his written materials. It’s been a real wake-up call to learn about the toxins in our environment and from the foods we eat. I have no doubt my quality of life will be tremendously improved as I continue to follow the advice of Dr. Pacelli. He’s definitely knowledgeable, caring, and highly invested in helping people get well and live the life we were created to live.”

As we worked together for this patients’ case she added later on in the year the following.

“Just had my annual exam with my urologist…my urine studies and labs are the best they’ve ever been! Though not perfect…and I still have kidney stones…but the stones aren’t growing. For the first time in 20 YEARS…I don’t need my kidney medications! Nutrition alone can keep things under control. 

For the first time ever, I was able to walk the long distance from the CT area to the doctor’s office! Having a GREAT DAY!”

Dr. Pacelli’s Response

We are truly blessed and happy for this patients’ progress and we have many, many more like her that are on the Road To A Healthier Tomorrow for her future was built on each day she followed our recommendations and therapies used for this process. Yes, PEMF was one that made a major factor in this patient life.

You can also be one of the doctors that follow our procedures and knowing how to use the PEMF 8000 Machine and the details we provide for you. Your financial return is also very rewarding for the investment you make. This therapy does what we state it does and you can witness the results in a short period of time with your patients. It is just wonderful to witness these changes in four weeks and over types of cases even sooner. After 40 years this is what will make your HEART SMILE.

If you know a health-care provider, trainer, or physical therapist, let them about PEMF Wellness Technology today.


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