PEMF Patient Testimonial Videos

Select any PEMF patient video and it will open to large screen for better viewing.

For our customers who have already purchased a PEMF machine, you can login with the password we provided to gain access to Dr. Pacelli’s machine instructional videos and our private forum topics.

Also, on this web site, Dr. Pacelli has produced several videos to help other doctors who are interested in using PEMF Therapy at their practice to help their patients. Most of the videos are reserved for our customers only, but you may view these videos to get a brief overview of how the machine will work and the results you can expect.

Please review this article, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields – How They Heal, and decide for yourself as to whether or not PEMF is worth further investigation.   PEMF Wellness Technology offers a 30 Day Risk Free Trial with it’s machines.