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    I fractured my right ankle six weeks before my wedding, what was I to do? Well, I called Dr. Pacelli and after his examination of the injured area and digital x-rays, I was truly aware now that my lower leg was broken. Having the intense pain, swelling with discoloration happening right before my eyes. Well, Dr. Pacelli explains that following his procedures would have me walking down the aisle in the six weeks’ time, with no pain, swelling and the normal color to my lower leg and ankle area. He stated broken bones can be mended quicker with PEMF but that we would not know how much it would be mended until the day before that wonderful date. One of the major therapies was PEMF that I never heard of before but what a difference it made to my leg.

    The day before my wedding Dr. Pacelli performed a second examination with digital x-rays to the lower leg and right ankle. It was a fantastic day for the break was almost completely healed. I should have known it for I was seen two to three times per week for six weeks and with each visit I was improving. The pain was now just a sore-aching feeling, the swelling was of a minor amount and the discoloration was gone.

    Yes, I had a wonderful wedding day with dancing as much as I wanted with my new wife and family members. Thanks to Dr. Pacelli and his PEMF Therapy Unit.
    Carmen – West Lafayette

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