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FAQ for PEMF Mac;hines
What Is the PEMF 8000?
PEMF 8000 is a form of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. This kind of therapy has been seen to be highly effective in many cases, especially treating chronic pain.
Is it effective? Is it safe?
Yes. PEMF has been used in Europe for over 40 years. The FDA has approved PEMF for bone healing and depression.
What does the machine do?
Short Answer:

It produces a variable pulsating electromagnetic field, which improves cellular metabolic function (the processes of healing and maintaining health). Imagine a battery charger to your cells that are low on energy.

Long Answer:

The Cells within this variable pulsating electromagnetic field are being exercised. The cells that have low energy can be felt as a mild discomfort or slight pain. Higher energy cells are being exercised but may not be felt.

While these low energy cells are exercised they are beginning to have toxins permeate out their membranes and therefore the PEMF unit supports cellular detoxification processes.

The PEMF unit also increases blood circulation and oxygen flow which helps the cell to repair.

The PEMF technology has been known to help detoxify and increase the flow of the lymphatic fluids which will help detoxification and cellar fluid dynamics including nutritional uptake.

PEMF puts a healthy energy charge into the interior of the cell behind the cell membrane that raises cellular energy so the cell can heal itself faster. While many technologies can affect the interstitial fluids, pulsed electromagnetic fields can influence and charge the interior parts of the cell including the nuclease and the mitochondria.

PEMF’s are like a spark plug or catalyst for energy production in the cell. Just like a car needs oxygen, fuel and an ignition (spark plug), so does the human cell need fuel (glucose), oxygen and a “spark plug” or ignition. This ignition is PEMF or pulsed magnetic energy. We can also think of PEMF as a battery re-charger for the human cell. We now know that the voltage of a healthy cell is about 70 millivolts. When we get sick or have damaged cells, these cells have been known to operate at 30 – 15 millivolts or less in cases of cancer, or cell / body death. Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) act like a catalyst and battery re-charger for the human cells.

Are there people who should not use the PEMF?
Yes. Because PEMF is utilizing a magnetic field it should NOT be used on or close to any electrical devices. (i.e. pacemakers, defibrillators, cochlear hearing devices, cell phones, etc)
Is the PEMF covered by insurance?
At this time, we do not have any successful reimbursements for patients. Please do not consider this a medical device, but rather “exercise for your cells”.

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How many sessions with the PEMF8000 will the patient need?
The answer, as with most natural therapies, is different for each person. It really comes down to how well you “hold a charge.” Your cells’ ability to hold a battery charge depends heavily on two things:

How well hydrated the tissues are – Hydration refers to whether or not you have enough healthy water and electrolytes in the areas surrounding the cells. The battery ‘age’ does not necessarily refer to a person’s biological age, but rather the amount of wear and tear the cells have endured. Think about your cell phone. A cell phone with a two year old battery is not going to hold a charge as long as a phone with a new battery. However, one person’s two year old battery can be much more “used and abused” than another person’s.

The age or damage to the batteries – Your cells’ batteries may need a charge once per week or three times per week depending on your goals. The length of therapy depends on the amount of work that needs to be done. Are you building a new deck or a whole new house?

My pain the patient's pain gone, are they done with PEMF therapy?
Most people notice that PEMF8000 therapy rapidly decreases or eliminates pain. Pain is simply a signal from the body for more energy. When the workers run out of charged batteries, they aren’t able to complete their work, so it builds up. They are also sitting around with nothing to do and can become grumpy, starting to complain. When you charge their tools, the complaining stops and they go back to work. First they have to get to the backlog of tasks that have piled up, so they need power support during this time. If you stop charging the tools before the work is completed, the complaining – i.e., the pain – will resume.
Are there other benefits besides pain relief when using the PEMF 8000?
PEMF’s have also been shown to improve microcirculation, oxygenation (up to a 200% increase), help in nerve regeneration, pain management and many other health promoting benefits. There are over 1000 clinical studies and over 7000 research papers validating the therapeutic benefits of PEMFs.

Please share this information with anyone and everyone you know that has a new injury, chronic injury or pain that hasn’t responded well to other treatments. The PEMF 8000 also holds great promise for those with fatigue, sleep disturbance, anxiety, depression and more.

How long does a patient's session last?
Sessions with the PEMF unit last approximately 15 minutes though can vary depending on the patient’s needs.
How much does a session with the PEMF cost?
Depending on the geographical area you practice, typical rates per treatment are $25 to $45.