PEMF Therapy Basics Part 1 | Creating True Wellness

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Our staff of health practitioners will assist you in learning the PEMF Therapy Basics when using the PEMF 8000 for cell regeneration. Coming Soon… We will offer our customers several video tutorials for our purchasing customers¬† and show your healthcare practice or rehabilitation center how to create true wellness with one simple, yet powerful system, The PEMF 8000 pulsed electromagnetic field device designed for specifically improving your customer’s health.

Unlike any other health system offered, this special system is one that can be used in an extremely short time (24 hours) as to assist your patients back to as we call it “True Wellness.” You learn to balance the electromagnetic fields of the body for the electro-poration. The importance is the exchange of energy in the body developing a state of homeostasis.

If you are a healthcare professional and want to learn more about adding a PEMF therapy to your healthcare practice or physical rehabilitation center, visit our PEMF Wellness Technology Website. You may also call our Nutritional & Wellness Complex at 765-447-1111 and request a free phone consultation directly with Dr. Anthony Pacelli and he will be glad to answer any questions you may have about PEMF.


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